Holy Basil has been graciously welcomed into the Croydon Community, we always challenge ourselves to create the best possible food we can provide for our valued customers. Duncan and Julia consider the customers to be apart of their family, and genuinely care about every customer that comes through the doors of Holy Basil. We strive to create a personal and positive dining experience for everyone.

Now Holy Basil is challenging our customers to learn some of our secrets and tips on how they can create a similar exiting dining experience at home. Hence the Introduction of the Holy Basil Cooking Classes.

This will consist of classes that will allow cooks of all skill levels to learn how to create their own exiting dishes at home. Duncan has been cooking for almost 30 years, and has a wide range of experience in not only cooking, but teaching. Duncan spent almost 9 years teaching aspiring chefs at Holmesglen, Swinburn, NMIT and Chisholm Tafe colleges. His natural inclination to inspire and educate caused him to be a very successful chef, and also helped develop the educational style of his TV Show Duncan’s Thai Kitchen.

Duncan has worked with a wide range of professional chefs and even competed in Iron Chef Thailand. In addition to all of this he is also the Owner and Executive Chef of Holy Basil and has enjoyed serving his food here for the past year and a half.

Now he wants to extend his knowledge and expertise, to teach and guide those who want to be able to create a Thai inspired dining experience at home, or those that just want to gain some new insight into how to add some flare to their own style of cooking.