Holy Basil Cooking Classes

Intimate classes where participants get hands on instruction in the state of the art Holy Basil Kitchen, and guidance from Duncan on how too cook Thai inspired meals. Includes how to prepare with basic knife skills, too how to cook the meals, and present them to create your own Thai inspired Dinner parties at home. Learn technical skills in an inclusive, relaxed environment within the restaurants exceptionally functional kitchen.

This would include:

–       Perfect for groups of 6 – 7 people

–       Duration of approx. 3.5 – 4 hours

–       Expertise of Duncan, trained teacher and renowned Chef, teaching various Thai inspired meals/ techniques

–       Hands on experience, to develop technical skills

–       Learn where to purchase necessary produce to recreate meals in your home

–       Take home recipe cards to create meals at home

–       Take home the food you cook for your families

–       A $20 dollar gift voucher included to use at Holy Basil in the future