At Holy Basil it is important for us to have as many sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and products as possible.

We sell only sustainably caught seafood from local waters in Australia and New Zealand.

The Singha beer on tap is cooled in a “green machine” beer cooler which uses environmentally safe gas and draws 30% less power. The beer on tap reduces the number of bottles used and the beer kegs are recycled.

Holy Basil’s design incorporates a system where the warmth of the kitchen helps to heat the restaurant. and the cooling in the restaurant also cools the kitchen. Double glazed windows and reflective screens reduce the amount of heat / cool transfer through the glass and doors.

All of our cardboard, plastics and bottles are recycled weekly.

We use biodegradable take away packaging made from corn flour and recycled paper.

By making our own curry pastes and chilli jam we omit using cans and jars from commercially bought products.

Our tables and chairs and made from replanted wood sources, and by not using tablecloths we cut down on water waste through laundering.

And our napkins are made from recycled paper.

We will continue to look for new ways to improve our recycling and sustainable practices.